Stakeholders meeting to strengthen Malaria Monitoring and Evaluation and Operational Researches to enhance decision making Thursday, November 27 2014

A stakeholders meeting on malaria monitoring and evaluation and operational research was conducted on November 12 and 13 at Dire International Hotel in Adama town. The meeting was organized by Addis Continental Institute of Public Health (ACIPH) in collaboration with Federal Ministry of Health and Roll Back Malaria (RBM) partnership. Click here for more here

M&E -Health facility networking for maternal health project

Addis continental institute of public health /ACIPH/ work with partners: maternal health task force /MHTF/, institute for clinical Effectiveness and health policy, St.Paul millennium Medical College /SPMMC/ and the Ethiopia Federal ministry of Health to Monitor and evaluate the intervention package that conducted by St.Paul Millennium Medical College. The intervention package includes BEMONC Training, post training mentorships, emergency obstetric drills, Midwife exchange with the hospital and catchment health centers; team based supportive supervision on St.Paul millennium medical college and seven catchment health centers. ACIPH is also giving technical assistant on the interventions and conduct Qualitative study on 'Pull Factor' which factors that promote women's use of facility-based obstetric services.