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Graduation of the Joint MPH program with Mekele University

ACIPH congratulates the joint MPH students with Mekele University on their great accomplishment. Upon successful completion of the one year training program, the first batch of the joint MPH program graduated from Mekele University. This will be a benchmark for the coming success to be achieved by the joint program. The first intake students of the joint MPH program with Mekele University graduated on Saturday Oct 30, 2010.The graduation ceremony was held in Mekele in the presence of individuals who have contributed a lot for the expansion and advancement in the education sector for the University.

"Health Research Methods" and "Project Cycle Management" trainings held in Hawassa

The training was given for Compassion Africa Health Specialists in Hawassa . It was organized by ACIPH and Compassion International Ethiopia. Trainings were given on titles: "Health Research Methods" held from Oct 11 - 16, 2010 and "Project Cycle Management" from Oct 12 - 14, 2010. The participants for the training were the Compassion International staff members which were about 34 in total for both trainings. The aim of the trainings was to enable the participants understand the purpose and nature of health research. And also to enable the participants to understand the basic concepts and practical approaches for project cycle management respectively. The trainings were given by the ACIPH staff members Prof. Yemane Berhane, Ewenat G/Hanna, Betelhim Belay and Asmert Moges.