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Dr.Seblewengel Lemma

Seblewengel Lemma is assistant professor of Epidemiology and Public Health and is head of the Research and evaluation Department, at Addis continental Institute of Public Health, Addis

Ababa, Ethiopia.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in public health (2003) from Haramaya University and her MPH in epidemiology (2007) from Addis Ababa University. She earned a PhD in Public

Health (2014) from University of Gondar, Ethiopia. Seblewengel has worked as clinician for a year (2004) and started teaching at a Nursing College school in 2005. Seblewengel has been a teaching staff at Addis Continental Institute of Public Health since 2009. She has been engaged in different research projects carried out at the institute in the area of non-communicable diseases, malaria and other infectious diseases. She is a founding member of the Ethiopian Public Health Officers Association and a member of the Ethiopian Public Health Association.