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ACIPH Alumni Questionnaire
  1. 1. From which program did you graduate?(*)
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    If you graduated from Joint MPH/MRH Program please indicate the university from the list under Q. 1.1
  2. 1.1 Joint MPH program with
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  3. 2. When did you graduate?(*)
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  4. 3. Please share your professional and/or academic status since you graduated.
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  5. 4. Please write your full name.(*)
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  6. 5. In which organization are you currently working?
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  7. 5.1. In what position
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  8. 6. Where are you currently living?
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  9. 7. Please provide your current email address.(*)
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  10. 8. Please provide your telephone number.
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  11. 9. ACIPH will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year on July 30, 2016, would you like to participate?
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  12. 9.1 If you participate in what way would you like to participate ?
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  13. 10. How was your stay at ACIPH? Would you please share some memories?
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