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  1. A student is required to attend all lectures, laboratory and practical sessions as well as field work of courses except for the courses in which earning of credits through examination alone is accepted.
  2. In situations where a student fails to attend all sessions, because of reasons beyond his control, a minimum of 70% attendance shall be required if he is to earn credit in a given course.
  3. Departments demanding 100% attendance in a course or in a portion of a course should provide the list of such courses to the Registrar and notify the concerned students in advance.
  4. A student who has missed more than 30% attendance shall be given a grade of IA (Incomplete Attendance) and be required to provide acceptable reasons for his failure to attend classes. If a student’s incomplete attendance is proven to have been for valid reasons, his registration for the course will be cancelled and he shall be permitted to retake the course. If a student’s incomplete attendance was due to reasons that were not valid, the IA grade shall be changed to an “F” at the end of the sixth week of his next enrolment in the program.