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General Regulations

  1. Attend classes, examination sessions, and other forms of instruction or evaluation procedures in line with the policies and guidelines set forth by the Institute.
  2. Accept homework, project assignments, practical attachments, laboratory or field tasks and other forms of engagement intended by an instructor or department to create learning opportunities for the student.
  3. Do research that would contribute to the professional growth and benefit the society by cooperating with the academic department.
  4. Seek information, assistance, and necessary guidance according to arrangement of consultation and student advising. 10 | P a g e
  5. Demonstrate honesty and integrity in behavior and performances.
  6. Demonstrate self-discipline, respect to others’ ideas, tolerance of differences, and non-discrimination.
  7. Handle any properties of Institute under possession with responsibility and good care.
  8. Reporting to the concerned bodies any willful violation of rules and regulations by any member of Institute community.
  9. Respect for elders, instructors, advisors and other members of Institute community.
  10. Demonstrate belongingness to the Institute.
  11. Abide by the rules and regulations of the Institute