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Grading Scales

  1. Semester grade point averages (SGPA) are determined by dividing grade points earned in a semester by the number of credit hours attended in that semester. Cumulative grade point averages (CGPA) are determined by dividing the sum of grade points totally earned by the total number of credit hours taken.
  2. Each student should earn a CGPA of at least 3:00and no more than one C grade at the time of graduation. The required SGPA and CGPA for each semester may vary by the program level. Details shall be provided in each program curricula.
  3. In a case where a student does not have full examination records, the instructor shall record “NG” for No grade. All “NG”s shall be changed to one or another of the following. To an “I” (incomplete) by the Academic commission in consultation with the instructor concerned for a student who, because of illness or of other reasons beyond his control, fails to complete the course. OR To a “W” (withdrawn) by the Registrar for a student who has formally withdrawn from the program within eight weeks (50% of the semester duration) after the beginning of the semester. OR To a “DO” (dropout) by the Registrar for a student who has not withdrawn from a program in accordance with the withdrawal procedures set forth by The Institute and the time limit specified in the provisions of sub-article 4.2 hereof or has not produced evidence justifying his failure to sit for the exam(s).
  4. Neither “W” nor “DO” shall play any part in the computation of the semester grade point average.
  5. A student who obtains a “DO” for a course or courses shall be required to justify the reasons why he failed to comply with the withdrawal procedures set forth by The Institute to the appropriate academic commission within four weeks after the commencement of the subsequent semester. Failure to do so shall result in an 8 | P a g e automatic “F” grade.
  6. The modalities of converting “I” grades to other grades shall be as per the procedures set forth under this Legislation.
  7. If a student repeats a course in which he earned an “F” or a "D" grade, the initial credit hour and grade shall be ignored in calculating his/her grade point average whether or not there is a change in the grade. The student will also earn a maximum of “B” grade.
  8. All required non-credit work shall be recorded with a grade of “P” (Pass) and “F” (Failure), but neither shall be included in the computation of the grade point average. Students with “F” (Failure) should repeat the non-credit work before graduation.
  9. A double asterisk (**) shall be entered in place of a letter grade in those rare cases where a course is in progress and no work has been completed to give the instructor a basis for giving a letter grade.