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Prospective Student Resources

  • Admission and Degree Requirements

Admission to the Masters in Public Health program is in competitive basis. Applicants must have a first degree in Health, Health related fields or social science from an accredited University.

  • Application Dates and Submission Instructions

Applications are usually accepted between May- June every year. Exact dates of application and change in application time is always posted on our website. Please visit ACIPH website for most recent information.

The application form should be filled and submitted to ACIPH registrar office at the Addis Abeba Headquarter.

  • Application Checklists

All applicants must make sure the following documents are full filed

    • Filled application form
    • Copy of first degree
    • Two copies of official transcript directly sent to the registrar office
    • Three reference letters written using ACIPH pre-prepared format
    • Passport size recent photograph
    • All other documents are required by the most recent call for application
    • All original documents must be present at the time of submission of application

Please note that according to the Ministry of Education direction applicants who haven’t completed their mandatory service year or who haven’t finished their cost sharing payment cannot apply for this program as a self -sponsored prospective student.

ACIPH Student & gender affairs

ACIPH Student & Gender Affairs ACIPH Student & Gender Affairs is focused on creating a suitable teaching/ learning environment. The Unit works directly with student representatives and serves as a communication hub between ACIPH & students. Duties & Responsibilities

1) Addressing & Directing student issues & questions through the responsible department.

2) Provides detailed information and explanations to students via representatives.

3) Ensure gender integration in the day-to-day activities

4) Work closely with registrar

5) Check Course evaluation forms before approval of the director

6) Handle & process Internship request pending approval from the director.

7) Determines and interprets student services needs.

8) Providing assistance to alumni and graduating students

  • Unit Information Unit Head: Dr. Ewenat Gebrehanna
  • Unit Secretariat: Seada Beyan
  • Unit Members:
    • Dr. Ewenat Gebrehanna
    • Seada Beyan
    • Dagmawit Tewahido
    • Samson Seged

Contact info:

  • Tel: +251116390004
  • Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • For any more information about ACIPH or updated news on researches, trainings and publications please follow the links below: -
  • Website : www.addiscontinental.edu.et -
  • Linkedin : www.linkedin.com/company/addis-continental-institute-of-public-health -
  • Facebook : www.facebook.com/addiscontinental -
  • Youtube : www.youtube.com/user/aciphpublichealth -

Twitter : www.twitter.com/aciph1

General Regulations

  1. Attend classes, examination sessions, and other forms of instruction or evaluation procedures in line with the policies and guidelines set forth by the Institute.
  2. Accept homework, project assignments, practical attachments, laboratory or field tasks and other forms of engagement intended by an instructor or department to create learning opportunities for the student.
  3. Do research that would contribute to the professional growth and benefit the society by cooperating with the academic department.
  4. Seek information, assistance, and necessary guidance according to arrangement of consultation and student advising. 10 | P a g e
  5. Demonstrate honesty and integrity in behavior and performances.
  6. Demonstrate self-discipline, respect to others’ ideas, tolerance of differences, and non-discrimination.
  7. Handle any properties of Institute under possession with responsibility and good care.
  8. Reporting to the concerned bodies any willful violation of rules and regulations by any member of Institute community.
  9. Respect for elders, instructors, advisors and other members of Institute community.
  10. Demonstrate belongingness to the Institute.
  11. Abide by the rules and regulations of the Institute


  1. A student is required to attend all lectures, laboratory and practical sessions as well as field work of courses except for the courses in which earning of credits through examination alone is accepted.
  2. In situations where a student fails to attend all sessions, because of reasons beyond his control, a minimum of 70% attendance shall be required if he is to earn credit in a given course.
  3. Departments demanding 100% attendance in a course or in a portion of a course should provide the list of such courses to the Registrar and notify the concerned students in advance.
  4. A student who has missed more than 30% attendance shall be given a grade of IA (Incomplete Attendance) and be required to provide acceptable reasons for his failure to attend classes. If a student’s incomplete attendance is proven to have been for valid reasons, his registration for the course will be cancelled and he shall be permitted to retake the course. If a student’s incomplete attendance was due to reasons that were not valid, the IA grade shall be changed to an “F” at the end of the sixth week of his next enrolment in the program.