Assessment of Intervention Sustainability and Scalability on Economic and Sexual Reproductive Health Outcomes among Adolescent Girls (TESFA+ Investigative Research) South Gondar, Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Funding Agency Date Range
CARE January 2018–> 31 December, 2018

Project Summary(Objective & activities) 

Objective:  Drawing on scaling frameworks and processes, this research will explore several areas of inquiry that we believe are necessary for informing and creating a more impactful and scalable TESFA model. In particular, the research will explore and document:

  1. Barriers, facilitators and critical elements to scaling the TESFA model, including through self-replication;
  2. Users’ suggestions and ideas for improving the TESFA model and scaling it; and
  3. Other avenues and partnerships for multiplying the impact of the TESFA model and ensuring scale.


Investigative research design workshop was held and key evaluation questions were identified. Study protocol and tools were developed, in English, at ACIPH. Proposal is currently submitted to IRB to be reviewed. About 6 Research Assistants will participate in the data gathering. CARE Ethiopia will identify original and replicated groups.

Training is tentatively scheduled for May 07-12, 2018. Each day of the week is planned for intensive training started at ACIPH premises.

Fieldwork is tentatively scheduled for May 07-12, 2018 in Layy gaint woreda, south Gondar zone, Amhara region.

Contact Information

ACIPH Building, Yeka Subcity
Ayat Zone 8,  YK_13_4064
House number B227_23
P.O. Box 26751/100


Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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