Strengthening Malaria Monitoring and Evaluation Systems (SMMES)

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The Strengthening Malaria Monitoring and Evaluation Systems (SMMES) of Ethiopia Program is funded by USAID/PMI to support the malaria control program of the Government of Ethiopia for the duration of five years. The program mainly focuses in strengthening mechanisms providing the necessary evidences to monitor and evaluate the implementation and achievements of the malaria control program in Ethiopia. Addis Continental Institute of Public Health (ACIPH) is the prime awardee and Tulane University in New Orleans, USA is a sub-awardee in implementing the program. The ACIPH with Tulane University have been working together to support malaria surveillance activities in selected woredas in Oromia regional state for the past four years.

This program will continue supporting the surveillance sites and work on the following core areas in supporting the Malaria program in Ethiopia: Monitoring and Evaluation/Surveillance: this project will continue supporting the existing surveillance system, with the possibility of expanding to more sites and linking it to the existing Public Health Emergency Management (PHEM) system during the project period focusing on generating quality and timely data on malaria morbidity and mortality. The project will conduct need assessment for M&E and surveillance and implement the support based on needs in close collaboration with the FMOH, EPHI, RHBs and other stakeholders.

Operational research and special surveys: the project will strive to strengthen operational research capacity through training and hands-on technical assistance. It will also conduct studies on priority operational research agendas. These priority areas shall be identified through stakeholder consultations. Technical Assistance: under this theme the project will provide technical assistance to FMOH, EPHI, RHBs and other stakeholders based on their need on monitoring and evaluation of malaria programs. Networking: this project will also provide support to strengthen the network of malaria research in public universities, and research Institutes. Through this, the project aims to improve the quality of research and avoid duplication of efforts, focusing on priority research agendas. The implementation of these activities will be aligned and coordinated with the malaria control program as well as the Monitoring and Evaluation activities of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI). The program will participate in other Monitoring and Evaluation activities that potentially help achieving the malaria control goals in the country.

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