Short training on Advanced Epidemiology was Organized by GID-Ethiopia ACIPH and Harvard University and conducted from March 27 to April 21,2023. The primary goal was to provide researchers who are already well-versed in the basics of epidemiology and biostatistics with an insight into the intricate issues that underlie epidemiology.

The training program aims to enhance participants’ comprehension of study design and interpretation, causal inference, and causal inference modeling, including assessing confounding, interaction, and mediation. The course is structured into four phases.

  • Phase I: Independent reading and preparation;
  •  Phase II: In person lectures/discussions on Advanced epidemiology topics;
  • Phase III: Independent work on a group work assignment and virtual presentation; and
  • Phase IV: revising the presentation and submission of assignment report with coaching session and reviewing participant’s group work. 

The in-person lecture was held from April 3 to 7,2023 at ACIPH Hall in Addis Ababa. The participants came from different universities, Hospitals, and NGO.