Department head: Semira Abdelmenan, BSc, MPH, PhD Fellow

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology


Tel: +251116390027

Epidemiology and Bio-statistics Department

The Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics studies the frequency, distribution and determinants of disease and health related events in low-income settings. Building human capacity to address health related challenges is an integral component of our teaching and research initiatives.

The main courses that run under the department are:

  • Epidemiology
  • Biostatistics
  • Research methods

Hanna Gulema, BSc, MPH, PhD Fellow

Head of Global Health and Health Policy Department

Assistant Professor of Public Health

Addis Continental Institute of Public Health


The Global Health and Health Policy Department works with the aim of strengthening health professional’s capacity through quality trainings and stimulating new research on major health problems of the country. Candidates will get chance to review the historical development public health, will be equipped with knowledge on core functions of public health and the various components of the discipline of public health, appreciate the unique characteristics of public health practice, conceptualize public health policy implications on various approaches in dealing with public health issues and problems. They will also recognize the basic environmental health problems and possible interventions and management theories that relate to health services. The important overarching aim is to encourage students to think independently about the different health issues of the country and beyond.

The main courses that are run by the department

  • Introduction to Public health
  • Health policy formulation and analysis
  • Health service management and health economics
  • Environmental health

Dagmawit Tewahido, BSc, MPH, Ph.D. Fellow
Head of Nutrition and Behavioral Sciences department

Assistant Professor of Health Promotion and Communication

Addis Continental Institute of Public Health



The nutrition and behavioral sciences department aims to understand, train and improve public health through enhanced nutrition; and social and behavioral determinants of health. It strives to accomplish this through long-term and short-term training programs and research.

The department’s academic mission is to train both scholars and practitioners to equip them with the skillset in designing, implementing, and evaluating health-enhancing programs with special focus on nutrition and behavioral sciences.

The main courses that run under the department are:

  • Public health nutrition
  • Health promotion and communication and
  • Qualitative research methods

Tigest Shifraw, BA, MPH, PhD Fellow

Head of Reproductive Health and Population Studies Department

Addis Continental Institute of Public Health


Tel: +251116390018

Department of Reproductive health and population

The Department of Reproductive Health and Population is engaged in sexual reproductive health research that address issues that are relevant to low-income country settings. The Department also contributes to the training of health experts who will lead and manage reproductive health services, projects, and programs. The Reproductive Health and Population Studies course offered by the Department mainly covers concepts, theories, practices and measurement of health and disease in women, men, children, adolescents, and the elderly. In addition, the course addresses key concepts and measurements of the three demographic processes: fertility, mortality and migration. The Department also supports research conducted by Master of Public Health students. More than eight public health professionals are involved in the department.

The main courses that run under the department are:

  • Introduction to Reproductive Health
  • Maternal Health
  • Family Planning
  • Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health
  • Newborn and child health
  • Gender & RH
  • Introduction to Population studies


Head of Registrar: Seada Beyan, BA, MA


Tel: +251116390000/04

The Office of the Registrar: 

The Office of the Registrar provides academic support services for the academic programs of the Institute. The office maintains timely and accurate records of the academic progress of students. The office is responsible for all operational matters pertaining to student intake, admission, readmission, enrollment, class and exam schedules, and academic records, allocation of classrooms as well as lecture halls and graduation.

Typical activities include registration, preparing student copy, checking graduation requirements and providing degrees and transcripts for graduates. The Office permanently documents students’ academic records in different forms, Prepares the Academic Calendar of the institute each year in consultation with the Director and Deputy Director and submits it to the Senate for approval; ensures the timely distribution of such Calendar to departments and other units of the institute and sees to it that academic units strictly adhere to the Calendar.