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About Us

ACIPH’s History

 Addis Continental Institute of Public Health (ACIPH) is an independent center of excellence for public health research and training.  ACIPH was established  mid 2006 by highly qualified health experts to provide technical services and trainings on major health issues in Africa. 

ACIPH maintains high ethical and moral standards, respects social norms, and believes in equality and mutual respect. ACIPH offers high standards of service to its clients and comfortable working environment for its employees.

We at ACIPH work actively with professional and communal organizations  on public initiatives promoting public health awareness. Addis Continental inspiring for a healthier Africa!

Our Philosophy

ACIPH supports the attainment of a healthier life for Africans by establishing and maintaining centers of excellence for health training and strategic health information to enhance the quality of health services and promote evidence-based public health practices.

ACIPH's Mission

ACIPH strives for the health of the African population by enhancing the implementation capacity organizations dealing in public health and related issues in the government, non-governmental and private sectors through training, research and technical assistance. ACIPH provides short-term trainings, assists in generating strategic information through research, monitoring and evaluation, and establishing routine database systems. ACIPH provides consultancy services in the area of public health training, research, and services. Medium and long term training directed in attaining Masters and Ph.D. degrees are available in collaboration with national and international academic institutions. The Institute strives to support organizations in achieving their mission by offering timely professional services. ACIPH focuses on major public health problems of the continent such as reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. ACIPH deals with emerging and re-emerging public health concerns as and when necessary. It provides training and technical assistance on methodological issues such as data management, analysis and reports writing based on both quantitative and qualitative research approaches.


ACIPH maintains a high ethical and moral standard and respects social norms. ACIPH believes in equality and mutual respect; everyone has equal merit. The Institute offers a high level of service to its clients and comfortable working environment for its employees. It strives to support community and public initiatives in advancing public health by actively supporting professional and community organizations striving for a healthier life for Africans.

Main Objectives

Conduct training programs to enhance performance in health services and program management. Support evidence-based practice by conducting research and monitoring and evaluation activities. Provide technical support for organizations and individuals engaged in collecting, analyzing, and dissemination of health and population data/information. Develop and undertake training programs to support human resource development in the continent.


The Institute has highly qualified core technical experts and some associate consultants in the various fields of health and social sciences. The Institute has over 45 full time technical and administrative staff, and over 80 trained field research workers. The data management unit is staffed with well trained and experienced persons.

Physical Facilities

ACIPH is located in the convenient area of Addis Ababa in Yeka sub-city. The Institute building was built in 2012 and stands five stories high. A hall capable of accommodating 200-300 people fully equipped with modern visual aid facilities is available for training, workshops, and seminars. The Institute documentation center has several useful reference materials available to our staff and students.

Financial Sources

The Institute derives its finance from the services and trainings it offers. Research and development grants could be another source of revenue.

Range of Services

The Institute offers a variety professional/technical services and training in the area of public health on-demand basis. Some of which are:

  • short term training ( including reproductive health, monitoring and evaluation, research methods, health management, and data management and analysis);
  • Designing and conducting research: from protocol development to writing report;
  • Conducting monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs;
  • Establishing database and supervision;
  • Organizing and supporting technical workshops;
    Training of trainers;
  • Offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the field of public health for colleges and universities;
  • Development of teaching/learning materials; Data processing for surveys and related activities;
  • Conducting needs assessment, and Providing Consultancy services in health development based on request