St Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College (SPHMMC) hosted the 10th Ethiopian Malaria Research Network (EMRN) symposium. The symposium is organized by the US President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) funded Addis Continental Institute of Public Health’s Strengthening Malaria Monitoring and Evaluation System (ACIPH/SMMES) of Ethiopia program in close collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) and Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) on December 19 and 20, 2018.  The Theme of this year’s symposium was Strengthening Malaria Surveillance in the context of malaria elimination”.

The symposium was attended by 90 (ninety) participants that include attendees from FMoH, EPHI, Armor Hansen Research Institute (AHRI), PMI, Regional Health Bureaus, local and International Universities, Non-Governmental Organizations working on malaria program and above all students and faculty members of SPHMMC. Of the 67 papers submitted 24 papers (20 oral and four poster presentations) were selected using criteria developed with the involvement all relevant stakeholders including the FMoH. The selection also was made with involvement of ACIPH/SMMES. FMoH, EPHI and AHRI. A total of 19 oral and 04 poster presentations were made (only one presenter didn’t show up). Junior and senior researchers work was presented. Furthermore, three presentations;

1. Update on the activities of the sentinel surveillance sites and the national surveillance system by EPHI/and FMoH staff;

2. Strengthening malaria surveillance in the context of malaria elimination, other countries experience by Prof. Joseph Keating form Tulane University and

3. Update on Vector Surveillance and Insecticide Resistance Monitoring Activities in Ethiopia by Prof. Delenasaw Yewhalaw from Jima University were made. The symposium was well attended and the participation was very active.

On the second day afternoon, there was fruitful discussion about the network’s future direction. Sharing activities beyond a handful of members was suggested and three sub-committees established. The sub-committees are:

1. Scientific and grant writing;

2. Membership affair and recognition and

3. Documentation and communication. EPHI and ACIPH/SMMES will continue coordinating and leading the activities of the sub-committees.

Membership of the sub-committees was agreed to be institutional to ensure sustainability and engage institutions. Finally, Debre Markos University has volunteered to host the 11thEthiopian Malaria Research Network Symposium.

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